Revolution FAQ




What’s Happening??

From 2020 onwards, FairStival will be known as REVOLUTION (REVO) Conference. For those of you who are familiar with the Revolution movement, you can say Revolution (Revo) is back!


What is Revolution?

Revolution (or Revo in short) is a movement birthed through the Holy Spirit to galvanise young people to do their part in making a difference in their world (schools, campuses, offices, families and communities). Revolution means CHANGE—change for the better. It is our conviction that the answer for long-lasting change is God. But it is not enough for the world to know His name; they need to experience His love.

Revo started with a simple but burning desire to reach more young people for Christ – but not just by bringing the young people to Church/Christ, but by bringing Church/Christ to them… right where they are!

Revolution is about love in action…it’s about preaching the kingdom through daily decisions…and spreading revival…especially but not exclusively in our schools and colleges – through greater dependency on the Holy Spirit.

It’s essentially a Holy Spirit movement that has been tested before, proven to work and spread like wild fire. And God wants it to make a comeback…and we’re just being obedient. In fact, we believe it’s coming back clearer, stronger, bigger and better…for the benefit of all.


What does Revolution look like?

An organic movement of young people mobilized into small groups known as “Revo Groups” in “every school and on every street” i.e. an expression of the church in the marketplace, everywhere – which can be described as Prayer & Action Groups – where these groups gather regularly to pray, listen to the voice of the Lord, and obey the direction of the Lord… with the purpose of being a witness for Christ by both speaking of and showing the love of Jesus to those they encounter daily. In summary, small groups of people or individuals praying, listening, obeying and witnessing.

Revo is a “force for good and a “movement of generosity” where young people are challenged and inspired to “love God” and “love your neighbour” through prayer and practical acts of kindness, as led by the Spirit of God.  

The heart of Revo is that is not just practiced only in the context of groups and scheduled meetings, but that it becomes a lifestyle to lived on a daily basis. It is not a “style” of witnessing, but a “lifestyle” of witnessing for Jesus.

Revolution is, simply, directed by a VISION for CHANGE, defined by the VALUE of LOVE; to make the DIFFERENCE through VOLUNTEERS.


So what happens to FairStival? What’s the difference?

Like FairStival, it is still a national gathering of youth ministry leaders and influencers – and still with all the wonderful elements associated with FairStival like the “buffet” of (over 70) workshops by our Partners (organizations, ministries, and individual experts) in varied areas of youth ministry (Mental Health, Evangelism, Discipleship, Missions, Apologetics, Relationships, Music, Media, & More). It will continue to be a place of resource, inspiration, networking, connection, dialogue, exchanging of ideas and encouraging one another.

But with a difference: with Revolution, the message and mission is stronger and clearer than ever before.

Revolution gives us a clear focus, context and call to action. Everything we will catch and be equipped with from the workshops, to the sessions in varied formats, by our Partners, will gear us towards fulfilling the Great Commission – not just within the four walls of the church but more so beyond. We will be inspired, informed, and have the opportunity to get involved in a movement of bringing church into the marketplace.


Who is Revolution Conference 2021 for?

Leaders/Pastors/Workers in Youth Ministry (includes Teens Ministry, College & Uni Ministry, and Youth Adults Ministry).


What to Expect at Revolution Conference 2021?
  • Workshops
  • Resources & Materials
  • Contacts
  • Networking Sessions
  • Dialogues
  • Brainstorming Sessions
  • Q&A Sessions
  • Expert Talk Shows & Panels
  • Fair/Booths (Promotions & Discounts)
  • Night Rallies


“The 10 Expectations of Revolution Conference” – Rev Kenneth Chin

  1. A greater passion for God and His Church
  2. A deeper love for their own local church, communities, cities and country
  3. A bigger vision for the nation and the nations beyond with selfless focus on the needs and interest of others
  4. A deeper appreciation for being Malaysian and/or being in Malaysia for such a time as this
  5. A greater conviction that we already possess what it takes to do the will of God and to finish His work (John 4:34)
  6. A stronger and lasting bond, friendship and partnership with co-labourers across the nation and the world that transcends culture, countries and calling
  7. A wider network of contacts and connections with like-minded people and a greater access to relevant and necessary resources
  8. A better and more updated knowledge of the different skills, strategies and synergies available, accessible and affordable for greater effectiveness in ministry
  9. A clearer understanding and better activation of our divine gift(s), calling, role and assignment with the opportunity to be further encouraged and equipped in that specific area
  10. A chance to DREAM together and to contribute to that DREAM for the sake of our future


Why join Revolution Conference 2021?

Because you matter; you are important to the future of the Malaysian Church; because there is a need to get together with common heart/passion/interest/struggles in youth ministry; because it’s time we become conduits of unity


How much does it cost to be at Revolution Conference 2021?

We will sponsor your main meals (during the conference), accommodation (if you live outside the Klang Valley and require accommodation), and conference fee (worth RM150)! You just need to get own transport/flight & get yourselves here!