Artists’ Profiles

Heartcore is a movement of Christ-centered artistes who make positive influences in our generation through their art. Our mission is to discover, support and raise these artistes to make the love of Christ famous by using their gift of music and culture to make a positive, life-transforming impact especially amongst the youth.

Army Of Three

Army Of Three is an alternative rock band from Malaysia, known for engaging lyrics and extremely energetic live performances. Started in 2005, the band’s music has been well-received in and outside of churches. Not just in Malaysia, but Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Thailand have also become regular spots for the band.


Relent is a Kuala Lumpur based rock band whose sonic signature is a distinct cross breed of adult/southern and alternative rock. Known for their electrifying sets on stage, emotionally passionate acoustic sessions, sincere lyrics and positively-fueled music, they are also a band with a cause that fights against modern day slavery and injustice.


A.RON is a talented home-grown rapper who writes his own rhymes. At 15, he won his first Rap Competition called The Rap Attack, organised by At 17, he did a solo performance for a 2,000 over crowd at a concert. Today, A.RON is a 7-time champion in various competitions, carries a decade of onstage experience, possessing numerous accolades to his name, appearing on national television, national radio and at international events.


SOUTH AND THE LOWLANDS (STL) is an indie/alternative rock band based in Johor Bahru, Malaysia formed in August 2014. Not only are they known for their energetic stage performance, catchy melodies, “reverbish and delayish” guitar tone but also known as a band that journeys together with their hearers with a message of Faith, Hope and Love. They often relate their songs with the realities in life and knowing there’s Love reaching out to them.

The Ellewan

The Ellewan was birthed initially as a hobby back in 2011. From there, both Bruneians, Erwan and Michelle, ventured out as a band to inspire others through music and song writing. They have been performing at local venues, corporate and charity events and have released their first single ‘Maybe’ on air and YouTube. The duo are planning to create more music that can encourage others to pursue their passions.